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CPP - Review color swatch options for the customizer


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      HumanMade has added some color options to the customizer but noone knows how did they picked those colors. It's definitely not what we sent them so let's disregard them. This is the original doc that we sent them, with a sheet listing around 60 colors - and also with the links to the original campaign styleguides:


      Note that we have separate color swatches in the customizer for:

      • Navigation color
      • Header color (all titles with h1, h2, h3, etc tags)
      • Primary button color
      • Secondary button color

      We don't have the option to use different swatches for the different styleguides so we'll have one swatch in each of the color pickers that will stay the same even if we change to a different styleguide. (One idea to help campaigners find the colors for their own campaigns would be to use labels that appear on hover on the color swatches and the color names would be "Oceans blue", "Arctic blue", "Forests green" etc)

      The task would be to specify the color palette available in each swatch. Now there are two constraints that we need to balance: one is that the colors are specified exactly in the styleguides. The other is that campaigners will have the option to combine colors coming from different styleguides so some design accidents will happen. So maybe we should come up with a harmonized color swatch (similar to the Planet4 colors) that works better in different combinations. I don't think campaigners really care about the styleguide colors, we can add more colors than that, also in the case of the Navigation color and Header color we should maybe provide less than all available to make sure the site doesn't end up like a coloring book in a few years.

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