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CPP - "Default template" missing from campaign template options dropdown


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      In the original mockup (attached, "campaign-customizer.png") the Campaign template dropdown menu had a "Default Template" option. It is missing from HumanMade's implementation. It would be a useful and logical addition so if it's not hugely complicated let's add it.

      To replicate:

      start editing any campaign page under the Campaign section in the backend, for example:


      Check available options in the Campaign Templates dropdown menu on the right side.

      The "Default Template" option is missing (see attached screenshot)

      The correct behaviour would be to have it as an item (as specified in the original mockup)

      Clicking on the Default Template would switch back to the default template.

      Any manual overrides selected in the Page Design section at the bottom of the page would remain unchanged.

      Upon creation of a new campaign page (Admin > Campaigns > Add new) the Default Template would be selected in the dropdown.

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