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Gallery Block, Three columns style: Uses full images instead of thumbnails


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    • Sprint #81

      While testing the automatic conversion of the old ThreeColumns block to the new Gallery block, an issue became apparent: 

      While the old ThreeColumns block used a smaller version of the image, the new Gallery block (while on the threeColumn style) uses a full version. This results in much bigger images than required (in a case: 1MB instead of the old 100kb). 

      Example (old block): 

      https://release.k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/brasil/explore/inspire-ativismo/ https://k8s.p4.greenpeace.org/brasil/explore/inspire-ativismo/


      Task: in the ThreeColumn style of the new block, use smaller version of the image (use srcset etc as we were doing in the threeColumn block). 



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