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Optimize search page loading time (including the Filter counters feature).


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      Further optimization of the search page performance (without removing the Filter counters feature).

      1. Currently we are not limiting results down to a page number (e.g. 5) so that we can get the total number of results (or max 300) and at the same time get how many of those results belong to each Filter. Then we cache these results in object cache (but we cache the whole WP_Post object. We should use the P4_Post class to store in cache only the necessary data instead of the whole WP_Post object which can be quite larger).
      2. Currently when searching for specific term/phrase we are sending back to the client the HTML for all results found which can cause delay. So basically, this means that the Load more functionality is not working in this case. It only works when searching for everything (aka no search term/phrase given). We should apply the Load More functionality also when searching for specific term/phrase and send back to client results in chunks of 5 items each time.


      I believe we should try these 2 optimizations and perhaps we can then go on without removing the Filter counters feature.



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