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Sitemap: Content corrections and additions


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      The sitemap template currently Takes and shows the following data:

      1) Action pages (criteria: Pages that are children of the defined "Act" page)

      2) Issue pages (criteria: Pages that are children of the defined "Explore" page)

      3) Page types (under the heading "Articles", with links towards search pages filtered by the different page types)

      4) Evergreen pages (Under the heading "About Greenpeace". Criteria: all pages where we have defined the "Evergreen" template.


      This leaves out the pages that use the default template but are not children of "Act" or "Explore".

      Example from GPI site:

      Task: Add those pages in the sitemap.

      To be defined : (ktolen, lhillige)

      Will all these pages appear under a common heading? If yes, what will that be? Should they appear all under "About Greenpeace"?

      If no, then under what heading, and with what criteria should they be selected?


      Note: The sitemap pages should be excluded automatically from the sitemap.


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